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* Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the words, ‘sea salt caramel’?
* Are you a fan of dark or milk chocolate crafted in Belgium?
* Would you like to have a box of premium chocolate covered sea salt caramels delivered to your home each month? 

Then join the waitlist for the ChezSlaughter Chocolate Caramel Subscription Box – created to … ‘

Since 2012, Jeff Slaughter of ChezSlaughter Chocolate has been offering handmade Belgian chocolate treats including bon bons, bars and dipped goodies.

But when Mrs. ChezSlaughter stepped in the kitchen and tried her hand and making sea salt caramel, she took ChezSlaughter Chocolate to a whole new level. Our customers have raved about Mrs. ChezSlaughter’s creamy, buttery sea salt caramels enrobed in fine Belgian chocolate.

In fact, some of our customers love them so much we’re creating a seasonal ‘Caramel Club’ in 2021-2022 to satisfy their caramel cravings!

Here’s how it will work: starting in November, 2021, Caramel Club members will receive a monthly box of sea salt caramels (milk, dark or assorted) along with bonus chocolate and/or caramel treats. The Club runs through March of 2022.

Each month will feature a theme:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Winter
  • Valentine’s
  • Spring

Interested in knowing more? Complete the form below to join the waitlist!

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