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* Ever wanted to explore the wonderful world of chocolate making?
* Planning a special birthday party for a special someone who loves chocolate?
* Looking for a creative way to bring your team together for a team-building experience?

Then host a ChezSlaughter Chocolate workshop in your home or church kitchen!

At a ChezSlaughter Chocolate workshop, I’ll teach you about chocolate, how to temper it and how to work with it. You’ll make a variety of chocolate treats, package them professionally and then take them with you to share – or not!

Who are my workshops for?

  • Chocolate lovers: You pretty much have to like chocolate to enjoy my workshops. Because there’s a lot of chocolate involved and you’ll not only carry a sack full of goodies home with you but you’ll carry home a few drips and dribbles on your clothes as well.
  • Cooks, Bakers and Foodies: If you fall into one of these categories of passion, my workshops are definitely for you. You’ll learn some of my tricks of the trade and I’ll teach you how to wow even the most ‘unwowable’ dinner guest with chocolate.
  • Fun lovers: You have to love having fun. If not, the thrill of the temper, the rush of making ganache, and the delight in dipping delicacies will be too much for you to handle.

I’m currently offering two different workshop experiences:
Click here to learn more about the Build a Bar Workshop
Click here to learn more about the Chocolate Summer School for Kids

Or, if you’d like to discuss a custom chocolate workshop to fit your special needs, email me at: [email protected]

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