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Dear Everyday France Community,

It was great to be with you this evening on the Facebook Live meeting with Beeta! Below please find the resources mentioned plus a few other goodies and recommendations.

If you have any questions you can email me at: [email protected]


How To Temper Fine Chocolate

Chocolate Tempering Tips

How To Make Mendiants


Steps to Making Mendiants:
1. Choose fine chocolate made with 100% cocoa butter
2. Temper chocolate
3. Use a tablespoon to make disks. Pour the chocolate in a circular motion
and use back of spoon to spread the chocolate into a two-inch disk.
4. Decorate wit toppings of choice: nuts, dried fruit, candies.
5. Spread on a plate or package by putting two pieces back-to-back so the flat parts are against each other. Stack in bags to create a beautiful presentation.

Fine Chocolate Recommendations
Callebaut Milk Callets (Chips) Recipe #823
Callebaut Dark Callets (Chips) Recipe #811

Some of my ‘Secret’ Ingredients
Bitterman’s Chocolate Fleur de Sel :: I use this as a topping on mendiants and bars. Can’t really say you can taste the chocolate in the salt but it has that cocoa color and it’s just plain fun to say, ‘Oh, that’s cocoa-dusted sea salt.’
Nescafe Espresso Original :: This is imported from France. I actually used to bring it back with me when I travel there. Now I can buy it on Amazon. I use it to flavor ganache. But it also makes a nice cup of coffee that transports me back to France – every time!
King Leo Crushed Peppermint :: During the Christmas season I make and sell Peppermint Bark with Belgian dark and white chocolate. After running all over town looking for enough crushed peppermint to complete the task, I resolved to purchase crushed peppermint in bulk the next year. I found this 5-pound bag of King Leo’s crushed peppermint and it last through two seasons! Word to the wise: when not using, make sure you reseal the bag and place it in an airtight plaastic container. Moisture from the air makes the peppermint bits stick together and it becomes difficult to sprinkle onto chocolate.

Chocolate Book Recommendations
The Great Book of Chocolate by David Lebovitz
The Book of Chocolate: The Amazing Story of the World’s Favorite Candy by HP Newquist
The Art and Craft of Chocolate: An enthusiast’s guide to selecting, preparing and enjoying artisan chocolate at home by Nathan Hodge

Visit in Paris
Choco-Story Museum
Best Chocolate Shops and Makers in Paris
Salon du Chocolat in Paris: October 28-November 1, 2021

Fun Chocolate Video Recommendations
France chocolate shop visit: Behind the scenes of making French chocolates
A Visit to Patrick Roger Chocolate in Paris
A Visit to Jacques Genin Chocolate Shop in Paris
A Visit to Fouquet Chocolate & Candy Shop in Paris
Paris CHOCOLATE Fair | Reporting

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