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Ready for a delicious, mouth-watering NEW Quarantine experience?

Join the ChezSlaughter Chocolate Passion Club! 

It’s 2020 … a year we’ll all remember for some not-so-pleasant reasons.

So why not create some SWEET memories by joining the premier ChezSlaughter Chocolate Passion Club!

We’re offering six-month memberships and three-month memberships beginning in October 2020 and concluding in March of 2021. 

Your membership includes ALL of the following:

  • A surprise: ‘Welcome to the Club’ gift
  • Monthly featured box of bon bons
  • Monthly sampler box of assorted treats ranging from bars and dipped goodies to Mrs. ChezSlaughter’s artisan cookies and exclusive ‘Chef’s Samples.’
  • One Bonus box in December for those who join the three-month membership
  • Two Bonus Boxes: one each in December and in March for those who join the six-month membership.
  • Your invitation: to join a private Facebook group, where we’ll chat, play chocolate trivia games, share chocolate recipes and revel together in unbridled chocolate passion!

Featured boxes include:

  • October: A Sea Salt Caramel Box: 16 artisan caramels covered in the chocolate of your choice
  • November: A Jolie Box: 16 ganache-filled bon bons plus two Jolie Bars – in the chocolate of your choice
  • December: An Advent Box: 25 holiday-themed assorted chocolate solids plus an Advent scripture guide
  • January: A Louisiana Box: 16 Louisiana-inspired chocolate bon bons
  • February: A Valentine’s Box: 16 chocolate heart ganache-filled bon bons
  • March: A Paris in the Springtime Box: Bon bons, bars and more inspired by the Parisian Belle Epoque period

Sampler boxes may include:

  • Bars: Our 100-gram Merci bars and 55-gram Jolie bars
  • Mendiants: a french-inspired disk topped with nuts, dried fruit or candies
  • Jolie Bites: 7-gram disks sporting a beautiful design on top and sea salt or another topping on bottom.
  • Dipped goodies: Oreos, Biscoff, marshmallows and pretzels.
  • Artisan Cookies: Kathy Slaughter’s yummy cookies such as chocolate chip and Snickerdoodles.
  • ‘Chef’s Samples’: meaning whatever Jeff is working on at the time!

Membership Options:

We’re offering two membership options: a six-month membership and a three-month membership, each with shipping or delivery options.

  • Option #1: Six-Month Membership with Shipping: $240.00
  • Option #2: Six-Month Membership with Delivery (Shreveport-Bossier metro area): $210.00
  • Option #3: Three-Month Membership with Shipping: $135.00
  • Option #4: Three-Month Membership with Delivery (Shreveport-Bossier metro area): $120.00

Ready for your mouth-watering Belgian chocolate sweets?

If you’re ready to receive your surprise welcome gift, your monthly featured chocolate boxes, your monthly sampler boxes, bonus boxes and your invitation to our private Facebook community, just complete the steps below!

  • Click here to join
  • Scroll down to the ‘Chocolate Passion Club’ offers
  • Choose your membership option: six-months with shipping/delivery or three-months with shipping/delivery
  • Complete the form and payment information
  • Click submit

After we receive your registration form and payment:

  • We will send you a ‘Welcome’ email and a link to an online form to share your contact information and preferences.
  • We will notify you when to expect your first membership box which will include your ‘Welcome Gift’ (Note: we will ship your first membership box as soon as possible, warm temperatures permitting.)
  • You will receive an invitation to the private Facebook group (Note: we have to be friends on Facebook in order for you to join the group. If we’re not yet friends, let’s make that happen!)

Registration closes Sunday, October 25 at midnight!

  • Click here to join the ChezSlaughter Chocolate Passion Club!


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