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Announcing Chocolate School for Kids in June!

One of our favorite activities at ChezSlaughter Chocolate is hosting chocolate workshops. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise about chocolate and we love seeing faces light up with happiness while kids learn and make their own customized chocolate treats.

Last year, we held our first ‘Chocolate School for Kids’ and worked with small groups of kids, large homeschool groups and even 200 kids during a Vacation Bible School!

Those experiences inspired us to open a longer window for ‘Chocolate School for Kids’. So this year, we’ve opened 36 spots to the public the first two weeks of June and another 18 spots for private workshops in children’s departments of three local churches.

We know that parents are looking for fun, educational experiences for their children. And we think learning about the history, geography, science, math, vocabulary and art of chocolate as well as learning to work with chocolate is a great educational opportunity for kids.

During the four-hour experience, children learn:
* The history of chocolate: from the Mayans to the Europeans to the Americans.
* The geography of chocolate: The special ‘ring around the world’ in which the cacao tree can survive and the countries that produce the cacao plant.
* The science of chocolate including the magical wonders of tempering chocolate.
* The math of chocolate which includes measuring and weighing using the metric system
* The vocabulary of chocolate: words that professional chocolatiers use.
* And the art of chocolate: your child will color a printed sketching of a chocolate pod, from which we get chocolate beans. This exercise teaches the shape, texture and colors of the chocolate pod.

Plus, children go into the ‘Chocolate Kitchen’ and make:
* 2 chocolate bars with toppings
* 6 chocolate disks
* Dip & decorate cookies & marshmallows
* And take home their handmade chocolates home to enjoy and share!

This year, ‘Chocolate School for Kids’ is set for: 9:00am-1:00pm on June 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & 12 at Airline Baptist Church.

We’re happy to report that we’ve sold out of all 18 spots for the first week (June 3-5) and are on our way to selling out our second week. At this writing, there are just NINE places left June 10-12.

So if you’re interested in this opportunity for your son or daughter (or grandchild) please click here now to see what’s still available.

* Dates: June 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & 12 from: 9:00-1:00
* Location: Airline Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA
* Price: $35 per student for the four-hour workshop.
* Book your student’s spot here.

Interested in booking a private ‘Chocolate School for Kids’ for a group of six kids? Write Jeff at: [email protected] for more info!

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