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Summer Chocolate Secret :: Spice Up Your Barbecue with Chocolate

Due to the intense Louisiana heat, ChezSlaughter Chocolate is taking a break. However, to tide you over until the fall, we have a series of ‘Summer Chocolate Secrets’ that we’ll share over the next few weeks. Here’s a treat to help with your summer barbecue.

Summer is the season for barbecue and there’s no better time to enjoy grilling than the Labor Day weekend coming up.

This year, why not spice up your holiday by rubbing some cocoa powder on your pork chops or chicken?

This Chocolate Spice Rub recipe is courtesy of ‘The Saveur Magazine’.

For a lighter meal, try this chicken salad recipe.

Check these out and see if you think your taste buds might enjoy!

ChezSlaughter Chocolate of Shreveport-Bossier City, LA is a roving artisan chocolate company. We make chocolate confections from premium Belgian chocolate and handcraft artisan caramels and cookies such as Biscotti. We also offer chocolate workshops and chocolate-themed parties.

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